Islamabad selected for award of ‘the city of unique culture’

BEIJING: At a ceremony attended by a large number of diplomats and other dignitaries, the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad along with some other cities have been selected for the award of “the city of unique culture”.

The occasion was first international forum on east-west cultural integration and dissemination held at the Communications University of China here Thursday.

Ambassadors and cultural counselors from various countries including Pakistan attended the event.

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Masood Khalid said he had developed tremendous respect for China’s ancient civilization and cultural ethos.

He underlined China’s dynamism saying the country seemed continuously on the move, its 1.3 billion people marching confidently towards progress and modernization, adding that if China had embraced modernity, it had done so without compromising the richness of its language, culture and social traditions.

Despite being plugged into the global economy, the Chinese people remained deeply and justly proud of their glorious 5,000-year-old history.

He said that China had set a good example of how a country could practice the values of intercultural harmony on the world horizon.

He pointed out that China was simultaneously at peace with past and filled with eager anticipation about future. China was an appropriate standard-bearer for the ideas of east-west cultural integration and cooperation that animated the forum.

He said that he was intrigued by the concept of a “world dream” that evoked the “Chinese Dream” which has fired the imagination of both the Chinese people and the world at large, since it was first espoused by President Xi Jinping.

He said that Pakistan and China were close friends and strategic partners. They had recently embarked on establishing an Economic Corridor that would link China’s western Xinjiang region with the Gwadar Port.

This Corridor brought to mind the days of the ancient Silk Route which once served as a conduit for the exchange of goods and ideas between China and the region that is now Pakistan, he said adding that the leaders of Pakistan and China believed the Economic Corridor could be a game changer for the entire region if it could spur closer economic and cultural exchanges between Pakistan, China and the rest of South and Central Asia and could be the driver for real cultural integration and dissemination in the region.

Pakistan’s Press and Culture Attach in Beijing, Asif-ur-Rehman Khan also won the International Cultural Exchange Award.

A senior officer of the publicity Department of the ruling Communist Party of China Zhang Fan and various diplomats also spoke on the occasion.