Imran disappointed over Malala not receiving Nobel Peace Prize

ISLAMABAD: Chairman PTI, Imran Khan, Friday expressed disappointment over brave young Pakistani Malala Yusufzai not receiving the Nobel Peace Prize; but said that even her nomination was an honour for all Pakistanis and “we are proud of this daughter of Pakistan who had to suffer trauma at such a young age, almost losing her life, simply because she stood for the right of girls to education.”

Brave Malala represents innumerable girls and young women braving the odds to assert their basic human rights. Khan said “her many international accolades are a recognition not only of her brave struggle but of the struggle of girls and women everywhere in the world against tyranny and oppression that denies them even the basic right to education.”

Khan said PTI welcomed the recognition of the evils of Chemical Weapons with the award going to the Organisation for Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). “It is time for countries like the USA and Russia to complete the destruction of their chemical weapons stockpiles instead of seeking extensions.”