Eid- ul Azha an opportunity for many to enjoy meat cuisine

ISLAMABAD: Eid- ul Azha a festivity of Muslim Ummah to sacrifice animals and distribute meat among the poor is only occasion for many to enjoy meat cuisine in the year.

The basic concept of the sacrifice at Eid- ul Azha is that the rich and affluent believers are required to sacrifice best possible animals in the way of Allah, so that the poor ones, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, could eat meat at least once a year.

Talking to APP here on Monday, Zia Bakht, an Islamiat teacher at a primary school commented that Eid-ul Azha is a major religious festival that brings unique pleasure to the

Muslims, but its divine purpose is not served at all if the poor remain deprived of their share in the sacrificial meat.

“Due to less purchasing power of many, Eid-ul Azha is the only festivity at which they can cook meat dishes”, he said adding the concept of sharing in sacrificial animals is also to disseminate the message of sharing with people and feel the suffering of others.

The days of sacrifice are special days for the Muslims to show their concern for the less fortunate people by distributing meat among those who cannot afford meat on daily basis, he opined.

Jamil Khan, a ten year old boy collecting meat from houses at Sector F-6 said, “My father died two years back in a road accident and now my mother and two sisters work as servants at houses to earn money for household needs”.

In their meager income it is not possible to buy meat and Eid ul Azha is the only occasion at which his family members get some meat and prepare some special dishes, he said.

Dr. Shams Khursheed, assistant professor Psychology at a government college said, ritual of sacrificing animal on Eid-ul-Azha and distributing meat among needy people fosters the spirit of altruism among the muslims, giving them an opportunity to extend some sort of support to the less fortunate.

The distribution of meat of the sacrificed animals to family, friends and the destitute motivate the altruistic attitude among the muslims, obligating them to think for the needy while celebrating their joys.

The sacred occasion of Eid-ul-Azha invokes unselfish concern for the welfare of others and inculcate the spirit of doing charitable act of distributing meat to the people who cannot afford to buy meat in present price hike situation, said Istiaq Ali a government official.

“Distributing meat among needy and gave me a sense of satisfaction and I thanked Allah Almighty for enabling me to perform sacrifice ritual and take care the deserving”, he added.

Rizwan Daud, a resident of F-6 said our societal customs have often is exchanged between rich relatives and the destitute families remain deprived of their right bestowed upon them by the divine commandment.

Storing meat at homes and holding parties for rich people is not the real spirit of the occasion, he added.

Everyone should remember their poor relatives and others living nearby their homes,he said.

This Eid also gives us opportunity to set trends for our younger generation as usually children follow what they learn from their parents and exercise the practice in their life, he said.