Crossing of Islamabad Expressway risky task for pedestrians

ISLAMABAD: Crossing or walking along the busy Islamabad Expressway has become a risky task for pedestrians who intend to go across at various points as there are a few overhead pedestrian bridges for crossing.

The people of localities along the both sides of expressway demand availability of more overhead bridges or underpasses enabling people to go one side to the other safely.

After the construction and upgradation of H-8 Collage overhead bridge, the demand such bridges near heavily populated areas has increased.

A resident of Shakrial pointed out that crossing of the highway is very difficult especially during the peak hours owing to speedy vehicles.

He said a number of people have been hit by speedy cars while crossing the expressway.
A student Anum, a resident of Koral Chowk who along with her younger brother go to university daily said, the university bus picks us from the other side of the Expressway and they have to face risk.

On the condition of anonymity, a traffic warden said that more people prefer to put their lives at risk and cross the highways and do not use the facilities available for them. He further said police officials always tried to stop pedestrians but they never listen to them.