CPI blasts Mukherjee for seeking public support, appreciation through tough stand on Pakistan

NEW DELHI: Communist Party of India ( CPI) leader Gurudas Dasgupta has said President Pranab Mukherjee could have cautioned the government rather than attempting to get public support and appreciation over his remark that ‘state-sponsored terrorism (from or by Pakistan) cannot be accepted’.

Dasgupta said if President Mukherjee has something to say as strong as it is and if he believes that the government is not doing its job properly and is found to be soft on Pakistan then that is surely not the way to take the corrective measures.

“What he believes to be true, he could have written an official letter to the government, he could have issued a warning to the government, he could have cautioned the government. During Babri Masjid demolition, we have seen the President issuing a public statement warning the government. All these methods are there in Constitutional behaviour,” said Dasgupta.

“If this is not done, if the President chooses his way to speak through the press, then, that may get him appreciation, but that will not correct the government policy,” he added.

To a poser on whether it reflected the fact that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is soft on Pakistan and not President Mukherjee, Dasgupta said: “I do not believe. He was the Defence Minister. What he did at that time? He was the number two unofficially, what did he do?”

“He became president only recently. He has become more conscious now after relinquishing the power. It is a playing to the gallery to get the public support and appreciation,” he added.

Asserting that state-sponsored terrorism from across the border cannot be accepted, Mukherjee had said India wants peace with Pakistan but there can be no compromise with its own territorial integrity.