Congress mother of all problems in Kashmir: BJP

SRINAGAR: Launching a scathing attack on Congress party, the BJP has said India’s grand old party was the root cause of all the problems in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Congress is the mother of all the problems whether political or developmental. The party has an anti-Kashmiri and in fact an anti-people mind set,” senior BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said.

He accused the Congress of being divisive and called upon the Jammu and Kashmir people to ‘throw out’ the UPA government which “has divided the country” in several ways since independence. “Congress is the most communal political party. Most of the communal tensions and riots were reported during the tenure of Congress governments,” he said.

Terming the government in Jammu and Kashmir a complete failure, the former union minister said, “The National Conference-Congress coalition government has completely failed and has proven disastrous for the people. It has failed to provide employment to youth and had pushed them into a depression by their callous approach.”

Commenting on the former General VK Sing’s revelations, Naqvi said the Army should never get involved in controversies. “It was unfortunate that Singh gave a controversial statement. Such statements and controversies are harmful for the image of Army,” he said.

“The communal policies of Congress in Jammu and Kashmir have changed the mindset of people and BJP sincerely believes that the angry people of Jammu and Kashmir will give their full support to the BJP,” he said.