CIA killed 24 more in Pakistan in drone attacks during September

ISLAMABAD: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of United States has killed 24 and injured 10 people in its covert drone strikes in Pakistan during last month.

According to monthly report of Islamabad based organization  The Conflict Monitoring Center (CMC), at least 24 people  were killed and 10 injured during last month by drone attacks. The report says that unmanned airplanes violated Pakistani airspace and fired 11 missile in four drone attacks in September 2013. All of these attacks were carried out in North Waziristan Agency of FATA.

Three of the four attacks took place during  prime minister Nawas Sharif ‘visit to U.S. to attend United Nation General Assembly session . Mr Nawas Sharif criticized drone attacks in his speech in the United Nation General Assembly and said that they  violate Pakistan ‘sovereignty and international laws.

Nawas Sharif becomes first Pakistani ruler who raised the issue of the drone attacks at UN General Assembly since 2004 when the CIA started its covert controversial campaign in Pakistan .