Afghan Taliban kill three Pakistani militant commanders

KARACHI: An armed clash left three militant commanders dead two days ago in Afghanistan’s Kunar province, which borders Pakistan, a British media report said on Thursday.

Quoting eyewitnesses and sources, the report said that dozens of Afghan Taliban militants launched an attack on Pakistani militants based in Ghaziabad area of Kunar, killing three extremist commanders and injuring many others.

The report further said that the slain commanders belonged to Swat. It said some sources also claimed that Mullah Fazlullah alias Mullah Radio, fugitive chief of Swati Taliban, was also killed in the attack. However, the Pakistani militants rejected the reports.

Pakistan has long been demanding Afghanistan to take action against Pakistan militants who took shelter in Afghan areas after Islamabad launched a military campaign against them.

The Swati Taliban based in Afghanistan also claimed high profile assassination of Pakistan Army’s Lt. Gen Sanaullah Khan Niazi in an IED blast in Upper Dir.