US, UK agents propagandizing against me, says Altaf Hussain

KARACHI: The self-exiled supreme leader of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Altaf Hussain, Monday night alleged that British and American agents were propagandizing against him.

“The international powers have spun into action to undermine MQM, but to their disappointment, the party is getting stronger every day in the face of all odds”, Hussain said while tele-addressing his party workers here on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Hussain added that American and British media even went as far as publishing reports that said that party’s days were numbered and it cease to exist before long, but they were disappointed.

“Many world powers including these two superpowers tried their best but could not wipe out MQM no matter what slanderous maneuvers they subjected the party to”, said he.

The MQM leader also warned his followers to brace themselves as the enemies were closing in on them to deal a blow to the party.

“I want you to prepare yourself mentally and physically as we have a lot of work to do down the line”, Hussain said.

He also demanded of the government to produce those MQM workers before court who were picked up by the law enforcement agencies lately.

“They party should be informed about the fate of its detained workers. It even must be told whether they are killed”, Hussain said.