US pledges to advance trade, economic partnership with Pakistan

WASHINGTON: The United States on Friday pledged to enhance trade and investment partnership with Pakistan, as it also expressed support for Islamabad’s efforts towards economic stabilization.

“The new Pakistani government, as you know, has cited economic revitalization and reform as a top priority. We continue to support the government of Pakistan to work to stabilize the economy as Pakistan confronts its own economic challenges,” Deputy Spokesperson at the State Department Marie Harf said.

She was asked to comment on the International Monetary Fund’s new multi-year $ 6.7 billion program for Pakistan.

The spokesperson noted that Secretary of State John Kerry talked about this during his visit recently.

“We will continue to support Pakistan’s reform efforts,” Harf added.

“We’ll continue to advance our bilateral trade and investment partnership and look to Pakistan’s civilian leadership to determine the direction of these efforts, including their recent agreement, as you mentioned, with the IMF,” the spokesperson said.