TTP welcomes APC declaration

Spokesman of banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Shahidullah Shahid has said declaration passed by the All Parties Conference in Islamabad was a positive step.

He said TTP welcomed the offer of peace talks and a detailed and official reaction to the offer by Pakistan government would be given after the meeting of Taliban Shura.

The meeting of Majlis-e Shura has been called, he said.

“The APC declaration does not obstruct our objectives,” Shahiduallh said.

Earlier, the conference of Pakistani political parties had decided to endorse the government’s efforts to negotiate with militants.

Political leaders said in a declaration Monday that they were authorizing the government to do what was necessary to bring about negotiations.

The announcement came after a meeting of politicians from the major political parties at the prime minister’s residence to discuss the security situation.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif came into office in June saying he supported talks instead of military operations to bring about peace.

Monday’s announcement gives him the political backing he wanted to try to negotiate with the militants.

But the militants have said repeatedly that they have no interest in talking to his government. NNI