Tragic suicide by five sisters: Search still in progress

VEHARI: Search for four of five sisters who jumped into Lodhran’s canal to commit suicide, is in progress as the four girls are still disappeared for, media reported Saturday.

Resident of Kahror Pakka, the father of ill-fated girls, Bashir said they were not beset with poverty or deprived of money; nor were they facing any grave trouble that could have caused them to take up that extreme step.

The girls’ brother asserts his sisters used to frequently visit the house of their grandparents. Their mother is also taken aback at the grim step by her daughters.

In contrast, the neighbors unfold the other side of the story, noting the girls aged between 25 and 40 years used to ask the father for their marriage; but, he would manhandle them instead of shouldering this vital responsibility.

The 25-year sister was rescued yesterday; but, search for the other four sisters still continues.