The revival of Pakistani film industry

THE road map for reviving Pakistani film industry is not only commendable and thought provoking but also very reasonable. Since the inception, Pakistani Film Industry has been facing ups and downs.

Film industry is a very important factor in any nation’s cultural development. In Pakistan where the film industry was almost destroyed by the flood of indian movies, it is very heartening to see that there is still some hope left.

A good number of films produced in Lahore and Karachi every year delighted the film-goers, keeping the film-makers, actors, technicians, distributors and exhibitors prosperous and happy.

The film industry was flourishing and we were able to see some memorable movies like Arman, Do Raha, Naila, Ye Dil Apka Hua, Salakhain, Aina, Bhai Log and a host of other unforgettable films.

When Shoaib Mansoor’s Khuda Ke Liye was released a few years back, it was widely believed that it could mark a revival of the Pakistani cinema. The film was much appreciated at home and abroad and won many laurels. Following its wake, Syed Noor and Reema Khan released their moderately entertaining good films. Yet, revival was not in sight. Shoib Mansoor’s next movie Bol also proved a hit; still the industry couldn’t stage a comeback.

If Pakistani filmmakers release four or five good films in a year and hope for a revival, their hopes would bear no fruits as only quality is not enough. Some other factors like quantity, availability of state-of-the-art studios with quality processing units, strategic promotions and world-wide marketing that need to be considered.

New Pakistani movies which have recently released or going to be released such as Main hoon Shahid Afridi, Chambeli, Josh, Waar, Morqaye and Zinda Bhaag have played a good role in the reviving of Pakistani cinema. Zinda Bhaag has been nominated for Oscar consideration as well after 50 years, which is an honorable mark for Pakistani cinema.

Our cinema owners, in national interest, should not give preference to Indian films when our films are ready for release. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if the government restricts the import of Indian films in order to give Pakistani films unrestricted exhibition time.

It must be expected from Pakistani Film Industry to produce the best movies in the future so that it can beat up with Indian Film Industry.