The Faces of Facebook

There are about 1.2 billion users of Facebook which are collage together by making it one big picture. Its shocking, amusing and for some threatening but it’s not.

A programmer Natalie Rogers has bought all the pictures of Facebook user into one big picture by giving it the name “The Faces of Facebook”. From this picture you can select any area of the picture and can widen it and by clicking on the picture you can view the user’s profile pages.

Proceeding forward Rojas mentioned in the article that this profile has been marked as private. It means that no information publicly will be shown to any unknown user who is checking out the profiles or following your link. Rojas in the article further said that we won’t break any kind of privacy rule on Facebook as nobody’s personal information, pictures and name would be stored.

The Faces of Facebook is a sign to merge all the users into one platform to form a community.

Disclaimer: This Information has been taken from Yahoo News, posted by Daniel Bean.