Terror bid foiled in Lakki Marwat, explosives, hand grenades recovered

LAKKI MARWAT: The police foiled a massive terror bid as it recovered explosives material and hand grenades here on Wednesday.

According to details, the police signaled to stop a suspected motorcycle in the jurisdiction of Shahbazkhel police station of Lakki Marwat.

The motorcyclists started firing at police van but fortunately the cops remained unhurt. In retaliatory action of police the terrorists leaving the motorcycle at the scene managed to flee through another motorbike.

The police during search recovered five kilogram of explosives material present in pressure cooker and three hand grenades from a bag hanged with the motorcycle. The explosive material was defused by bomb disposal squad (BDS) and police took the motorcycle into custody.

In yet another incident improvised explosive device (IED) planted outside residence of FC man located near Kabir Camp of Lakki Marwat exploded with big bang but no causality or injury was reported.