Son seeker rickshaw driver throws infant daughter into Ravi River

LAHORE: A rickshaw driver threw his infant daughter into Ravi River after turning desperate for not getting son at second time of delivery.

A cruel father’s blood changed into white when his desire to have son shattered second time; he hurled two and half year’s old infant daughter into River Ravi and killed her.

Crying mother of killed baby girl, Zainab, reached in local police station, Shahdara Police Station, and filed complaint against killer husband. She told police that two days ago her husband Umar hurled little Zainab into River Ravi.

The police took accused Umar into custody and inquired about baby girl’s murder and throwing into the river. The accused tried to misguide the police at first but later on accepted his crime and confessed of hurling his daughter into River Ravi.

The rescue agencies have been requested to launch search for little Zainab in River Ravi near the dumping spot, said the police.

Challan of held accused will be completed soon and he would be presented before the court without any further delay, told the police.