Smooth Hajj operation continues; over 9,000 intending pilgrims to reach Saudi Arabia

ISLAMABAD: The Hajj flight operation is going smooth and so far over 9,000 intending pilgrims are set to reach reached Saudi Arabia from various Pakistani cities on Friday night without any delay, an official of Ministry of Religious Affairs said.

Talking to media, he said the Ministry of Religious Affairs has ensured the smooth functioning of Hajj flight operation. So far there is no complain of any delay in flight to Saudi Arabia.

He said an agreement has been linked with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to ensure smooth conduct of flight operation. A fine would also be imposed on the responsible of delay in Hajj flights.

PIA has reserved some aircraft to meet any emergent situation. Muavneen-e-Hujjaj have been tasked to register complaints of pilgrims and provide every possible help to Hujjaj.

He said an eleven member advisory committee has been assigned to monitor the Hajj operation and suggest measures to improve the future Hajj operations aimed at providing maximum facilities to the pilgrims.