SHC orders barriers removal from Governor Sindh, CM, Bilawal houses, and consulates

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Wednesday directed for immediate removal of roadblocks from the surroundings of the Governor Sindh, Chief Minister, Bilawal houses as well as all consulates.

The SHC ordered the authorities to vanish all barriers from top provincial officials residential places, consulates of different countries and central office of a political party situated in Karachi.

The court’s decision was made for considering problems of the citizens facing troubles by enforcing long routes due to blockage produced by the containers’ blockage.

SHC said that security reason can’t be justified by blocking roads hence the security authorities should provide foolproof security rather than closing the roads.

The SHC ordered that the barriers present in the surroundings should be removed from houses of Governor Sindh, CM, Bilawal houses and all consulates.