Politics in Parliament not in streets: Zardari

ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari has said that he will organize Pakistan Peoples Party, would like become Prime Minister in future instead of president.

Talking to media persons Saturday in the Presidency Asif Ali Zardari said PPP will play role of an effective Opposition in the Parliament but would not take to streets against the PML-N government.

Some people were using judiciary for political purposes, he said.

Zardari said in future he would like to be the prime minister of the country rather than the president.

Bilawal will take part in the coming general elections, he said. He said he was going to Lahore in order to reorganize the party and infuse new blood in the leadership.

“I will advise the old leaders of the party to make way for young leadership,” he said.

He said PPP government gave rights to the provinces through 18th Amendment, adding in India provinces got these rights after a lot of bloodshed.

Zardari revealed that many leaders in PPP were not in favour of surrendering of the 58(2)b.

PPP will soon establish that it was the biggest political party of the country, he said. NNI