Peshawar bombing: Initial report says a warning was already issued

PESHAWAR: An initial investigative report into the Peshawar twin suicide bombings, which killed 81 people and left at least 145 injured at a church in Qissakhawni Bazaar, disclosed that city’s security officials had already been warned about a possible attack.

According to the report, the bombers could be young men in their early twenties (20-25), however eyewitness accounts differ considerably from what the report says.

Some of the people, who saw the deadly attack unfold, told the investigators the attackers were wearing police uniforms, while others said they were Burqa-clad.

On the other hand, a special plan has been made for the security of Peshawar’s minorities, which includes measures like deployment of additional police armed with latest weaponry at the churches, temples, other holy places, and burial/cremation grounds.