Notices issued to hotels, bakeries for violating food laws: ICT

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has issued notices to 170 hotels and bakeries for failing to complying with sanitation and pure food laws in the Federal Capital.

According to details, Health and Food Departments of Islamabad and CDA Health Directorate, under the directive of ICT Administration, have conducted checking of 214 food outlets in the city and rural areas and sent challans against 91 hotels and bakeries in the court of law for unhygienic conditions at the premises and preparing food items with sub-standard food materials.

As many as 19 samples were sent to the laboratory for analysis during the checking period from September 1 to 8.

During the course of checking 370 filthy utensils, 35 liter sub-standard sauces, ketch up, and Aata, 50 kg unsound sugar, 20 prepared dishes of unhygienic bakery items also confiscated and disposed off on the spot.

Sanitary conditions at the kitchens was found unhygienic.

The District Administration has issued stern warning to all those hotels and bakeries which failed to comply with the rules, improve the sanitary conditions at their premises failing which the premises would be sealed on next checking.

They were warned to ensure the quality of food material being used in making food products failing which the offenders would be prosecuted in the court of law and heavy fines would be imposed on the offenders.

Meanwhile, Drug Inspector, Islamabad, Sardar Shabbir, conducted 06 inspections of drugs outlets and seized 02 suspected stocks of sub-standard, spurious, misbranded drugs from drug outlets and sent 06 samples to the laboratory for analysis.

The administration has directed all the drugs outlets to ensure strict implementation of drugs laws and quality of medicines without fail.