Kashmiris face racial discrimination in IOK, UN body told

ISLAMABAD: Kashmiri representatives Altaf Hussain Wani, Muhammad Assadullah Khan and Sardar Amjad Yousaf have said that people occupied Kashmir are being subjected to racial discrimination in their own homeland.

They said this while taking part in general debate item 9 of the 24th session of United Nations Human Rights Council on behalf of OCAPROCE International, Word Muslim Congress and International Agency for Development, KMS reported.

“Kashmiri students and businessmen are subjected to religious and racial
profiling and are implicated in false acquisitions in different cities of India.

They are subjected to torture and inhuman treatment. At least, over a dozen

Kashmir students and young scholars were murdered mysteriously in different places but police has failed to make an arrest in these cases,” they said.

“Young and talented Kashmiri students are denied travel document on one or
the other pretext to deny them access to better higher education and living
standards. India and its agencies were fueling communal violence, committing
desecrations and using police, military and civil militia (Village Defense
Committees) against the Muslim community”.