Islamabad police arrest gang involved in Shahbaz Bhatti’s murder

ISLAMABAD: Police have arrested an eight-member gang of criminal for involvement in many cases of terrorism and former federal minister Shahbaz Bahtti’s murder in Islamabad.

The capital city’s police took immediate action over secret tips from secret agencies and launched raids in different areas of Islamabad.

During raids, police managed to capture an eight-member gang of criminals. These held gangsters were involved in mysterious murder of former federal minister Shahbaz Bhatti and many other heinous crimes including activities of terrorism.

Sources have revealed that this group was involved in incidents of Samli Dam and Tarnol. Few days ago, a large quantity of arms and ammunition was recovered from these places by the security agencies.

This group also targeted Danish Embassy and a restaurant in Islamabad. The intelligence agency has forwarded report about groups’ crimes to the Interior Ministry.