Harassment have many faces

Years back when I was a little girl I wondered what could have been the possibility that my parents try to protect me when I am walking on the street or when I am standing in a public place. I being a little kid always thought they are just trying to protect me from the traffic or may be from getting hurt; as I never thought way to deep about what could have been the other possibilities.

I am a Pakistani woman. I travel alone. I work 8 hours a day, with it I am also perusing my education and running a coaching center. By telling people about all this, I am not at all providing anyone with my bio data instead I am trying to tell people; like me there are plenty of other females who work, maybe they live alone, have their families, run a business or they are just housewives.

Can you say they are safe? … When ever I travel on road I see my self surrounded by such eyes, looks or stares which becomes horrifying for me sometimes. When I took over my family’s responsibility I had to be mature enough to face all the difficulties BUT should these difficulties be a part of everyday life for women? Or being a woman is just a curse.

One day I was walking with my father on street. We both were heading home. At a sudden a guy on a bicycle crossed me whistling and passing comments. That was not a shocking thing for me as I had faced it many times but that day my father had a thought that his children are not safe here. It became difficult for him to accept it because I was his daughter and by all means he will try to protect me but he can’t. He is helpless.

Let’s just not talk about me. This is a part of every woman’s life. When ever she is walking on the street she founds herself surrounded by such people who keeps on staring, gazing or following her; as if they are trying to say … You are women and we have all right to do it …

Now what would you call it? … Part of everyday life, we have to deal with it, or that’s what we deserve. NO …. That’s not at all we deserve or we can just let it go by keeping in mind that we cannot change the whole world and we have to keep on working with it. This in simple words is called HARASSMENT.

Let’s go through a simple Google definition of harassment. It states “a feeling of intense annoyance caused by being tormented; “so great was his harassment that he wanted to destroy his tormentors”.

A feeling of annoyance…. Ohh yes! We get annoyed with it. This situation has become aggravating for us. Some people might think me or like me many other women are being harassed because we follow some kind of trendy fashion or we don’t follow the norms provided to us. But that’s not at all true I know many women including me for whom SCARFS and DUAPATAS are a very important part of our dress. We wear it not because someone is bothering us instead we wear it because it’s what we are taught and we feel like doing it, not for the sake of others but for us; but still the problem remains the same. It does not cut short even if we do it or do not.

Our society is though a male dominated society where everyone believes that male member is the head of the family and he has all the rights to make decision which is true and I totally agree with this point because this is not at all harmful by any means. This concept just doesn’t belong to Pakistan or other Asian countries but it is all over the world but all over the world the ways and laws to follow this concept are different. Women get an equal right to state their feelings, emotions and decisions. There is a mutual collaboration between the male and female member of house or anywhere they belong to.

Whenever we talk about harassment, one thing comes up in our mind that is sexual harassment but I am not particularly talking about sexual harassments because they are way too far from this. First we have to stop these small harassments and tortures being made on women because they only become a threatening cause for it. I cannot change all men and their thinking; but my experience says that a woman should not be too week to cut off this problem and males should not be too boorish, uneducated and uncultured that they cannot understand the prominence of a women who have been sent down on earth with a heaven.