Four terrorists and three target killers arrested

KARACHI: Police Chief Shahid Hayat claimed on Monday that security forces had arrested four terrorists belonging to an outlawed organization.

Speaking at a press conference, he stated that a large amount of weapons and explosives were also confiscated from those arrested.

KARACHI: IG Shahid Hayat added that one of the arrested was trained in Afghanistan, and linked him to his nephew Hasan Turabi, who had been a suicide bomber.

According to IG Hayat, the third accused was involved in bombing several police checkpoints.

He added that three target killers were also arrested by conducting operations in different parts of the city.

A total of 73 accused have been arrested in the past 24 hours by police conducting targeted operations in various parts of the city.

Karachi is the financial hub of the southern province of Pakistan. It is riddled with militant threats, kidnappings and extortion gangs and is currently undergoing a concentrated operation by the police and Rangers forces aimed at removing such threats from the metrpolis.