Defence day… a day of Empire

September 6 is Defence Day in Pakistan. It is one of the fateful and momentous days in 1965 when the diffident Indian Army launched a surprise attack on Lahore but Pakistan Army instead of being unarmed and very less in numbers defeated Indian Army at bay and earned a mighty victory. This war continued 17 days. Indians were not only defeated by Pakistan Army but they also lost the area of Khemkaran. The enemy’s vicious hunch to establish its hold on Pakistan was nip into bud by our fearless soldiers. The way our soldiers and army men fought to overcome with this situation will always be remembered and praised in the diary of military history. A sense of patriotism is now generated. Till now our soldiers are sacrificing their lives on LOC ceasefire, but they are valiantly fighting to protect their country and they will keep on doing it. No matter how many mothers lost their sons, sisters lost their brothers, wife lost their husbands, children lost their fathers or fathers lost their dignity but their sons, fathers, husbands and brothers will keep on making a custodial shield for Pakistan so their country can remain unmolested and unharmed. I salute all those people who lost their life in this battle and the ones who fought. It’s them who gave Pakistan profligacy and grace. It’s due to them the people of Pakistan are living an autarchic and poised life.