Court denies Canadian woman custody of monkey

TORONTO, Canada: A Canadian judged refused Friday to order the return of a woman’s pet monkey, which won global fame when it was found wandering an Ikea parking lot in a stylish jacket.

Yasmin Nakhuda had gone to court to try to force a sanctuary to return the animal, which she described as being like a child to her.

But Ontario Superior Court Judge Mary Vallee ruled against her.

“The monkey is not a child,” Vallee said in a 13-page decision.

“The monkey is a wild animal,” she said. “Ms. Nakhuda lost ownership of the monkey when she lost possession.”

Darwin the Japanese snow macaque became an instant Internet celebrity last December when Nakhuda took the animal shopping to furniture giant Ikea.

While she was inside the store, Darwin escaped from his crate inside her locked car and was spotted strolling around the furniture store’s parking lot, wearing a sheepskin coat.