Citrus fruits may provide cancer cure

ISLAMABAD: Modified citrus pectin – developed from the skin of citrus fruits – could act as a potent anti-cancer therapy, a new
research has found.

Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine highlighted a large body of published research demonstrating how modified citrus pectin
(MCP), works against cancer, daily mail reported here.

“This review does an excellent job consolidating our knowledge about modified citrus pectin’s remarkable therapeutic impact,” said Isaac Eliaz, integrative medicine researcher and MCP co-developer.

“In particular, it identifies MCP’s different mechanisms of action against metastatic cancer, heavy metal toxicity and chronic, life threatening illnesses related to excess galectin-3,” Eliaz said.

While plant pectins have long been known to support digestive and immune health through their actions in the GI tract, the main obstacle preventing them from exerting systemic benefits in the body has been their bio-availability.

The long complex soluble fibers in regular pectin are simply too large to be absorbed into the circulation. This problem was solved with the development
of MCP, which is prepared from regular citrus pectin using a modification
process to reduce the size and cross branching of the pectin molecules.

The modification allows MCP to easily absorb into the circulation and exert numerous therapeutic effects throughout the body, now demonstrated in
multiple peer reviewed studies.

The review discussed MCP’s ability to control metastatic melanoma, as well as prostate, breast and colon cancers. These outcomes have been confirmed
in multiple published studies, which have also shown MCP’s ability to suppress
angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth to tumours). Blocking angiogenesis is a
key factor in preventing cancer metastasis.

MCP has also been shown to induce apoptosis in cancer cells. Apoptosis,
known as programmed cell death, is suppressed in tumours, allowing them to
grow uncontrollably.