Business leaders apprise PM of their concern over city’s law, order

KARACHI:  Business leaders representing trade  and industry of the country especially from Karachi, during a meeting with Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif here at the Governor House, expressed  concern over lack of maintenance of peace and security in Karachi. They urged that the Federal Government should play a proactive role in ensuring peace and security in the city which is an international economic hub and a ‘mini Pakistan’ influencing the life in entire country. The businessmen gave their views when the Prime Minister invited their suggestions for peace and security in Sindh province mainly Karachi. President, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Zubair Ahmed Malik said the federal government should ensure firm steps for restoring peace and security in the city.

He called for ensuring that the Federal Government’s initiatives on law and order give the desired results.

He requested the Prime Minister to take the business community of Karachi into confidence in clear terms and words as it is the major stakeholder in Karachi.

Leader of Businessmen Group (BMG) in Karachi Chamber of Commerceand Industry (KCCI) and former president of KCCI Siraj Kassam Telisuggested that SIMS so far issued by mobile companies be cancelled andre-issued at postal addresses. This would help cut the crimes by atleast 50 percent, he opined.
He maintained that un-registered SIMS were the contributor to crimes in the city.

He claimed besides individuals from political parties, many other groups have emerged and were engaged in different crimes.

He underlined the need for promoting positive thinking /approach by all political parties and individuals for restoring the glory of the city which once was the city of lights.

Chairman of Sindh Board of Investment and former president KCCI Muhammad Zubair Motiwala called for establishment of an independent board  for recruitment of police on merit and removal of police officials inducted on political basis.

He suggested that Thar Coal deposits be duly utilised and the process of development of Thar coal programme be carried out on war footings. Thar coal is the only answer to energy crisis facing the country, he said.

“It is do-able within next three years and has a capacity of 100,000 MW,” he asserted adding that he was ready to give a detailed presentation and answer every query on Thar coal, if the Federal Government desired.

President KCCI Muhammad Haroon Agar said  “no writ seems to exist in Karachi.”
He called for clear cut and target- oriented steps by the Federal Government for peace and security in the city.

Chairman SITE Association of Industry demanded an increase in deployment of police in this largest industrial area of the country.
Former vice president of FPCCI and former Sindh minister for industries Khalid Tawab pointed out that the law of evidence is the big problem and that culprits get freed easily because of lacuna in it.
Former chairman of Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) Jamil Yousuf called for an even-handed cleanup operation. Rangers be given full investigation powers to achieve the results, he said.

He suggested for constituting a public safety board to monitor the proposed operation to ensure its transparency and objectivity.

Other business leaders who spoke were S.M. Muneer, Haroon Farooqui, Gulzar Feroz, Attiq Mir, Masood Haq, Zubair Shahid, Anjum Nisar and Haroon Shamsi.