Balochistan quake: Death toll in Kech rises to 44

TURBAT: The destructing earthquake affected among other areas district Kech, where the death toll has risen to 44 and is feared to increase.

The Kech areas of Dandar, Turbat, Ashal, Nagor and Josak are the worst hit where 44 people are confirmed dead. It is feared that several other people are still trapped under the debris in the surrounded areas; hence, the death toll may rise.

Balochistan’s district Turbat was in Makran; but, it became a separate district as District Turbat in 1977. It was renamed as Kech in 1995 with tehsils of Buleda, Turbat, Mand, Tump and Dasht.

The district borders on Iran with hundred percent Balochi population. It has 60 percent literacy rate.

The entire Kech has been destroyed by the destructing earthquake.