Another Lyari gang-war criminal arrested

KARACHI: Following arrest of several important characters of Lyari gang-war from Lahore, the police arrested the mastermind of attack on Bilal Sheikh, the security chief of former President Asif Ali Zardari.

In a sting operation by the intelligence agencies, a criminal from Lyari gang-war Amin was arrested from Lahore. The criminal belongs to Shiraz Comrade. He was arrested from Cantt area.

It is important to note here that Shiraz Comrade’s two group members Owais Tipu and Zakir Mugheri were arrested two days ago. Comrade also was captured while he was trying to travel abroad from Lahore airport.

The police arrested Shahid Bikik, the alleged mastermind of suicide attack at Zardari’s security chief Bilal Sheikh. The accused belongs from Lyari gang-war.

According to police sources, the criminal and the deceased Bilal Sheikh were at disappointment over some issue.

It should be mentioned here that Shahid Bikik was wanted by Karachi police in several crimes including murders, murder attempts, bhatta activities and kidnappings for ransom.