All political forces serious to resolve terrorism issue: Pervaiz

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid has said that all the political forces are serious to resolve the issues of terrorism and extremism being faced by the country.

Talking to Radio Pakistan, he  said it is a tragedy that some elements have started challenging writ of the state and have taken up arms since long.

He said that no one ever tried to resolve this issue seriously.

He added that the current government, for the first time in the country, has accepted the challenge and formed a strategy to resolve it.

He said as first step of the strategy, the government got the plan approved by the political parties of the country which reflected the will of the political parties to settle the issue.

The minister said all political parties have supported the policy of the government on terrorism and extremism.

He added that no policy on terrorism was formed by any government since 2002 to 2013.

Minister said policy of negotiation has been adopted in recent past as the policy of action against terrorism had not brought about desired results.

He said the current policy has not be been formed by the government and political parties unilaterally as it also enjoys support from defence organizations.

He added that government wants to rid Pakistan of the menace of terrorism and extremism and government would exploit all available resources in this regard.

He said, now government wants to listen to the viewpoint of the other side.

He added that all kinds of foreign elements and forces are present in this region and some forces want to spoil the important visit of Prime Minister to UN and US.

He said that these hostile elements don’t want peace and stability in Pakistan.