Taliban threat: Islamabad security on high alert

ISLAMABAD: Intelligence agencies of Pakistan have warned that the extremist are planning for attacks on high profile places such as Pakistan Navy and Air force, parliament and headquarters. Authorities are talking every possible measure to downturn the threatening situation.

The intelligence wing of military tracked down a conversation between two commanders of Therik -e- Taliban Pakistan. The message, from a Taliban commander namely Waleed bin Talib, read “we have achieved some of our objectives in the attack on DI Khan jail, but for achieving bigger objectives we need to take action where the ‘big bosses’ sit”.

Sources of interior ministry said that talking about ‘big houses’ and ‘objectives which are to be achieved yet’ means that they are planning for attacks on some high profile place where the big bosses sit. According to them it’s their way to teach them some lesson and they consider this plan an essential remark.

The extremist did the same in DI Khan jail attack. The intelligence agencies were warned by them before the attack. Their report has said the initially situation of unrest would be created, once the jail authorities will get busy in curtailing the unrest situation, the jail will be raided to take advantage of the weakened security arrangements.

But on the other hand the eyewitnesses say that there was no sign of unrest inside the jail before the extremist raided the jail.

According to SP Sadar Circle police commandos and security forces have been deployed on Margalla Hills.

Security in Islamabad has been put on high alert after this message was been tracked down. Search operations have been started in Margalla hills by police and security officers. According to Superintendent Police Sadar Circle Jamil Hashmi, the police was already deployed at Margala hills but now police commandos and the security forces have also been deployed.

Security arrangements have been beefed up at Benazir International Airport and no vehicle is allowed to enter airport premises from 11 pm to 6 am.