‘Madras Cafe’ faces protest in UK

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On Friday morning, a crowd of 150 people, claiming to represent a pro-Tamil outfit landed up at the head offices of the Cineworld multiplex in West London. The group demanded that ‘Madras Cafe’ be withdrawn from the theatres as it showed Tamilians in a negative light.

The incident was about to go out of hand, and the multiplex staff had to summon the cops to disperse the crowd.

Despite the agitation, the multiplex carried on with the film’s screening. When Mirror contacted the production house, a senior executive said:

“There was chaos at the offices of Cineworld in London, but none of the film’s shows have been cancelled.”

Another senior official from the studio said, “Since the British censor board has cleared the film without any cuts, there is no reason why the film should be withdrawn. We are enjoying an encouraging response from the audience, and will to ensure none of the patrons are affected.”

However, additional security was deployed around the theatre’s various outlets across the British capital.