Chances of rain in Peshawar, KP in next 24 hours

PESHAWAR: The long awaited rain is expected in the provincial capital and other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in next 24 hours as summer makes a comeback for the last couple of weeks.

Talking to APP here Thursday, official of the meteorological office informed that rain with thunderstorm in expected in Peshawar and adjoining areas in the next 24 hours that would bring the mercury down and provide the much awaited relief to the people who were bearing hot and humid weather conditions these days.

The rain recorded during the last 24 hours in different parts of the province remained as 41 mm in Parachinar, 4 mm in Bannu, 9 mm in Kakul, 14.5 mm in Saidu Sharif Swat, one mm in Taimargara and drizzle in Balakot.

The maximum temperature remained 34 degree centigrade in Peshawar on
Wednesday whereas the minimum recorded temperature in the provincial capital is 24 degrees on Thursday morning.

The met office recorded 80 percent humidity in the air in Peshawar.The
sun would rise at 5:43 am and would fall at 18:46 pm.