Building Kids’ vocabulary not to involve words

ISLAMABAD:  The stronger a child’s vocabulary, the more successful tends to be in school, and new research shows that the word-building can begin before kids start talking.

Child development experts have long advised parents to talk to their babies, even if their infants can’t talk back. The more a parent talks to his child, the more words they are likely to learn, Time Health Magzin Reported.

Now comes new work suggesting that even non-verbal cues such as pointing to objects can encourage vocabulary building regardless of socioeconomic status.

It’s not just the quantity of words spoken, then, that’s important but the quality of the learning environment that may make the greatest difference.

To come to this conclusion, researchers from the University of Chicago videotaped the daily interactions of 50 parents and their toddlers over two 90-minute sessions when the kids were 14 months to 18 months.