American Muslims celebrate Eid ul Fitr with prayers for peace

American Muslims celebrated Eid ul Fitr on Thursday as they offered prayers and exchanged greetings to mark culmination of the holy month of Ramadan. The Pakistani-Americans living in Washington metro area and New York tri-state areas, as well as in the West coast and several other states, joined the fellow Muslims in celebrating the religious festive occasion. In their sermons, the Imams and Khateeb prayed for peace in conflict-torn Islamic countries and urged the need to foster values of brotherhood, love and peaceful coexistence. They also hoped that other communities would try to understand Islam in its proper perspective and not rely on sweeping portrayals in movies and parts of media and meet half-way efforts of Islamic world towards inter-faith harmony and peaceful coexistence.

The United States is home to around six million Muslims, who have emigrated from all regions of the globe. In recent decades, mosques and Islamic Centers have been built in several major urban centers.

Source: APP