Vehicle amnesty scheme was illegal: Suddle

ISLAMABAD: Federal Tax Ombudsman, Shoaib Suddle said Thursday that the vehicle amnesty scheme initiated by the previous government was illegal.

During a news conference here, Suddle said the country incurred billions in losses due to the amnesty scheme under which tampered and stolen vehicles were also cleared. According to Suddle, Rs 1.8 million in tax was saved per car on several vehicles under the amnesty scheme.

The Tax Ombudsman further informed the media that several individuals imported over 50 cars under their indentify cards under the scheme, while 1,405 cars were imported on 61 identity cards.

He added that vehicles were cleared for 15 days following the expiry of the scheme. According to Suddle only $500 tax was charged on vehicles which were ten years old and tax officials received Rs 300,000 to Rs 500,000 in bribes for not taking digital samples of the vehicles.

On June 19, the Islamabad High Court decaled illegal the amnesty scheme on non-customs paid vehicles approved by the previous government.