Smokers 60 times more prone to cardiac ailments

LAHORE: Smoking should be declared a crime as smokers are 60 times more susceptible to cardiac disorders as compared to non-smokers.

Prominent cardiologist and Head of Surgery Department of Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) Prof.Abdul Waheed highlighted this in an exclusive interview with APP here Monday.

“Sedentary life style,smoking,diabetes,high blood pressure and poor diet are some of the leading causes of increasing incidence of cardiac ailments in country”, he explained.

To a question, he said media could play a vibrant role in creating awareness about myriad hazards of smoking. “In western countries their health departments conduct anti-smoking drive right from the school level and advise parents to avoid smoking in the presence of their children”,he informed.

Responding to another question about cardiac surgeries at PIC,he said that on average there are eight to ten cardiac surgeries daily and around 2000 surgeries per annum.Most of these patients are provided almost free of cost treatment, he said.

Some 2000 patients visit Punjab Institute  of Cardiology every day. Of these around 12,00 patients need medicines on regular basis and 600 go to emergency.”This institution is providing free of cost medicines to its patients at OPDs from its annual budget of Rs. 2 billion”,he added.

However, Prof. Waheed said that there is need to focus attention on preventive aspect of cardiac ailments at all levels to improve the profile of public health.