Need of compassion in this competitive world

What are we without compassion? It’s just like being an animal and looking out only for oneself. According to me the most appropriate explanation for compassion is described by Author Fredrick Buechner. He says that “Compassion is sometimes the fatal capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else’s skin. It is the knowledge that there can never really be any peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too.”

Society is in the same state right now. If you survey the challenges of today’s world, one can easily come to a dismaying conclusion. There is a great competition. Those who want to compete can compete but those who are slightly weak in competing or winning the race always stands last. A person in this competitive world wants to race with everybody around him, because he wants to be up on everybody. The most common examples of this existing situation is our neighborhood, we always try to compete them, we try to look better then they are, we try to put the same efforts in activities they are spending time in. If we look around our student life, we will get to know about how eager we are to know about what grades the other person with us is getting; are those grades better then my grades. It has basically become a part of human nature.

This human nature being a part of us, always try to enforce us to think about ourselves first, then about others. Doing this we always convict that we should not face any kind of difficulty that arises due to this competition. Nowadays people don’t understand that whatever we do has a consequence to it. If we do good we will get good in return, if we do bad we will have to pay it back the same way. In this harsh ride one should be able to accept the consequence joyously whether it’s the same what they had expected or slightly different. Crying and complaining about the consequences never works out. If you accept it joyously, you can do anything but if you don’t have the energy to accept the consequences, than you don’t have to perform that action.

People always try to copy others. They do it because others are doing it as well, without knowing that what kind of energy and enthusiasm they have for the same work. Psychologically people have started thinking that not being gracious or organized will eliminate them from the decorum of the society or social world. These conceptions have forced people to act in an uncompromising attitude. Today where money has become a serious problem, with it emotions of people have also started bumping off. Now people are looking forward to make their way first, no matter even for it they have to cut someone’s way out. These all acts are considered to be a part of sophisticated and unsophisticated world.

What’s the solution for it? Revising the definition of compassion can be the best solution to bring betterment on a communal level. To think about others on the same level as we think about us. We can try to accommodate people on the same plain where we are standing. Though the difference of competence among people exists but the feelings and emotions in personal as well as professional life should never be countered. Doing this we can surely acquire a level of equality which had been blown away.