Imran discloses, pre-election fall from lifter saved his life

In a startling confession to the British press, Imran Khan said that his pre-election fall from a lifter may have saved his life from the threat of an assassination bid.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief in his article for the Daily Mail said, “The fall that nearly killed me quite possibly saved my life”.

Imran suffered injuries as he fell off a lifter while being raised onto a stage to address a huge crowd gathered in Lahore’s Gulberg area on May 7. It took him three months to recover completely.

“I knew I was fortunate in more ways than one. The Almighty had been looking out for me that night. I could easily have sustained brain damage … But there was something else, too:  if I hadn’t been in hospital I could have been dead. Pakistan’s home minister came to visit and told me of an assassination attempt scheduled for the day after my fall,” Imran wrote.

“I’ve always been fit; I’m now 60 and I’ve never known a life where I wasn’t in control of my body. I found myself prey to morbid thoughts, something completely out of character. We always hear about the dead, not so much those who end up maimed. That was my great fear: not death, but being disabled”.