Earthquake jolts Islamabad, Peshawar and Northern areas of Pakistan

-File photo

ISLAMABAD: Locals got afraid as shocks of earthquake have been recorded in capital city of Islamabad and Peshawar.

Official body for earthquake measure says that the intensity of the tremor was 5.3 on Richter scale.

“The center of the earthquake was in Hindu Kush Mountains in neighboring countries of Afghanistan. ” National Seismic Monitoring Center said.

“The depth of the earthquake was 203 meters in earth and location coordinates was 36.96N, 70.67E.”

According to eye witnesses, intensity was so high that local got our of their homes in Batgram reciting first Kalimah.

The areas which experienced the tremor include Swat, Batgram, Shangla Hills, Peshawar and adjacent areas. Islamabad, Haripur and others.

However no report of any damages has emerged yet.