Centuries-old tradition “dhol wala” still alive in remote areas

ISLAMABAD: With the start of holy month of Ramazan the centuries-old tradition `dhol wala’ (Drumbeater) is still irresistible in remote areas of Pakistan.

Till two decades ago, most of the Pakistanis would wake up by the loud drumbeats in the wee hours heralding the beginning of Sehri (early morning feast) time during the holy Month of Ramadan.

Asif Bashir at Bara Kahu while talking to APP said that with the induction of modern ways of communication in the society, this beautiful custom has almost been vanished from urban Pakistan but the charm of this cultural delight is still irresistible in rural Pakistan, especially in the villages of Southern Sindh province, and northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province (KP).

Hussan Shah, a 70-year old drummer at Chndni chok Rawalpindi,  said that this is a centuries-old custom. I cannot tell you the exact number of centuries, but our forefathers told us that for centuries the people of sub-continent (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh)would reply on the vibration of drums as there were no other sources like loudspeaker, alarm clock etc,” Hussan, who still  plays drum during Ramazan in his street.

“I feel very happy to wake up the people at Sehri. I never enjoy any other event like that. I feel that I am part of a religious activity,” he said.

“It’s not that the people of my area do not have modern equipment, they do have, but they want to keep this custom alive,” he explained.

People really want to see and appreciate the drummer for keeping the tradition alive despite advance technology, who sacrifices their sleep for the sake of other people.