Brazilian dogman’s surgery is actually a creative work of an artist

BRAZIL: Recently, some websites revealed that a good-looking man with weird aesthetic standards got a dog face by plastic surgery with his own money in Brazil.

They have also stated that there are all kinds of people in this strange big world. A Brazilian man is so eager to be a dog so he pays for a plastic surgery with his own money, hoping he can become the first “Dogman” in the world which totally overthrew our visions and concepts of beauty. Let’s see the whole process of his surgery!

However, things are not what they seem. The circulating photographs are part of a work created by Brazilian artist Rodrigo Braga in 2004. And, not at all surprisingly, the images do not actually show a real, living man with a surgically implanted dog’s head. Braga created a life-like replica of his own head and made a silicon cast of a euthanized dog’s face. He then had a veterinary surgeon sew the dog’s ears and muzzle onto the replica of his head. The result was a bizarre and very realistic man-dog hybrid.