Bara: Bodies of 21 suspected militants found

BARA: Security forces on Thursday found 21 bodies in the Khangai area of the troubled Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency.

Source within the security forces said that following recent attacks, security forces launched a search operation backed by gunship helicopters in Akka Khel, Zawa and Khangai area of Bara to clear the areas of militants.

During the operation they found in the deserted area of Khangai 21 bodies of suspected militants with bullet wounds.

The official explained that Khangai was a militant stronghold from where the militants used to infiltrate into FR Kohat, Peshawar and in Akka Khel and Orakzai Agency.

The officials added that the bodies were mutilated and could not be identified. No one has claimed the bodies as yet, they added.