Smoking can lead to more than 50 types of cancer: Cardiologist

HYDERABAD: The smoking can ripe over 50 kinds of cancer diseases as of spreading 4,700 chemical substances from a smothered cigarette and if prompt action was not initiated, the death rate would be increased up to 10 million people by the year 2020 as a result of tobacco’s use.

Eminent cardiologist and Medical Superintendent Red Crescent Hospital Latifabad Dr Fazal-ur-Rehman said this while talking to this scribe here on Tuesday.

He said that smoking is the single largest cause of many diseases including cancer of different kinds, cardiac, tuberculosis, asthma, shrinking of mouth tissues, arteries and foot infections.

With the smoking of 20 cigarettes, the user reduce his life by 5 hours and 40 minutes and its continuous use can diminish eight to ten years life of an addict, he said and informed that according to statistics about five million people of the world have lost their lives in the year 2002 as a result of smoking.

He said the smoking enhance 25 percent more threat of lung cancer, which at present is on top as compared to other kinds of cancer. The smoking can also cause threat of 10 percent more of oral cancer such as tongue, mouth and buckle cavity and 15 percent to other diseases including cardiac, tuberculosis, asthma, shrinking of mouth tissues and arteries, respiratory system and foot infections, he added.

He informed that 90 percent patients suffering lungs and oral cancer are the addicts of smoking, which he said is alarming for the society.

Dr Fazal-ur-Rehman said that smoking is not only injurious for the users, but passive smoking also a great threat to those who associate with the smokers as inhaling of cigarettes’ smoke could cause more complications.

He said that alternate use of smoking like anti-smoking chewing, Gutka, leaf with chewing tobacco and betel nut are more dangerous for those who left smoking.

He said that despite promulgation of Anti-Smoking Ordinance, the smoking is being frequently indulged in public places.It is because of no serious action, initiated by the law promulgators in this direction, he added.

Dr Fazal was critical of the play of advertisement of cigarette companies on television adding that cigarette manufacturing companies are spending millions of rupees on publicity of their products, but no can stop them from this practice.

He also emphasised the need of effective implementation on Anti-Smoking Ordinance so that the smokers could leave such injurious habit, which is not only causing great threat to their lives, but also affecting their will power and judgement.

He said that smoking is an artificial source of intoxication, which also enhances the rate of paralysis and different kinds of bone disease including foot infections.

He emphasised the need of community-based efforts with massive awareness campaign about the hazards of the use of smoking so that people could stop such addiction for their own health and the health of their relatives and friends.