PM Nawaz directs to speed up Neelam-Jehlum Project

MUZAFFARABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday directed the concerned authorities to expedite construction work on Rs 274.882 billion Neelam-Jehlum Hydro-power Project and make it functional till 2014-15 to overcome the power shortage issue in the country.

During his visit to the site of the project, the Prime Minister told the media that the concerned authorities had sought time for the completion of project till 2016, conditional to availability of financial resources but he had declined and instead instructed them to accomplish it till 2014-15.

He regretted that such like projects were conceived in the past but were not given due attention as there had been vested interests but they would have to change such culture.

The Neelam-Jehlum project could not be achieved during the last many years and now its cost had swelled to around Rs275 billion, he expressed his astonishment over delay in execution of the project.

“A 29 years long period has passed, but the project is yet to be completed,” he exclaimed, and observed that nobody questioned the gross negligence over such delay.

The Prime Minister said that the power issue had become a genie and the people were fed up with it but assured that his government would utilize all the resources to complete the project.

“If such like projects were given priority in the past, these could have been achieved. We are fully committed to achieve such like projects and are dedicating each minute for giving relief to the masses,” he reiterated.

The Prime Minister also cautioned against the existing financial resources by advising that they would have to cut down the additional expenditures.

“The wastage of national wealth through corruption and corrupt practices should be effaced forever,” he declared, adding that the nation should also prepare itself for sacrifices in the greater national cause.

About energy related problems, the Prime Minister said that the government was devising an energy policy which might be finalized within a fortnight period, and soon he would apprise the nation about the roadmap and the steps in this regard in his upcoming address.

He said that he would also ask the nation to make contributions for achieving the benchmark of such a policy and expressed his optimism that both the government and the nation could together resolve the issue, which might also enable them generation of less expensive power in the country.

Responding to a query, he replied that terrorism issue was also being considered seriously. “The main issues are the lack of economic growth and rising poverty which gave rise to this issue,” he maintained.

The Prime Minister said overseas Pakistanis and foreign investors were also focusing on the developments taking place inside Pakistan to ascertain prospects of their investment in future.

Referring to idea of construction of Khunjrab-Gwadar-Karachi road and rail project, he expressed his resolve that it would be materialized soon, terming it a ‘game changer’ for the country.

On June 24, a team would leave for China for consultation over the project with the stakeholders, he informed.

The Prime Minister said that they would establish economic zones in Pakistan because the South Asian region in future would be the focal point of global economic activities.

He said that they wanted relocation of Chinese industry to Pakistan with massive prospects of growth in South Asian region, a home to billions of people.