Pakistan Foreign Office strongly condemns Gilgit killings

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has strongly condemned the terrorist attack on tourists in its northern areas in which nine foreign tourists and a Pakistani guide were murdered Saturday night.

“Pakistan expresses its deep sense of shock and grief on this brutal act of terrorism, and extends its sympathy to the families of the victims. Those who have committed this heinous crime seem to be attempting to disrupt the growing relations of Pakistan with China and other friendly countries,” Pakistan Foreign Office said in a statement issued here on Sunday.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has condemned these inhuman and cruel acts, ordered to conduct thorough investigation, and apprehend the culprits to bring them to justice.

The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of foreign affairs spoke to the Ambassadors of China and Ukraine this day and condoled on the death of the tourists hailing from China and Ukraine.

The Foreign Secretary also called the Ambassadors of China and Ukraine to express condolences on behalf of the Government of Pakistan.