Lyari turns into battlefield, people shifting to safer areas

KARACHI: The old city area Lyari has turned into battlefield, as intense gun fight between the gangs of criminals and grenade attacks amidst cosmetic operation of Rangers continued on third day compelling the dwellers to leave their abodes for safer places.

At least seven people were killed and over 30 injured in firing and grenade attacks during last 24 hours in Lyari alone. The number of casualties in entire Karachi city during last 24 hours is 13.

The fresh violence sparked in the city on Sunday after three policemen were shot dead in Patel Para area.

Police said firing started in Khadda Market, Kharadar, Bihar colony, Agra Taj, ICC Bridge and other adjourning areas last night forcing shopkeepers to close down markets and all kind of business activities.

The educational institutions also remained closed due to violence. On Monday, armed gangs clashed in narrow streets, hurling hand grenades on each other compelling the residents to stay inside their homes.

Three hand grenades were also hurled today in Hanguabad and Agra Taj Colony in which five people were injured. In all 15 incidents of grenade attacks have taken place in Lyari in two days.

At least five back-to-back hand grenade attacks shook Khadda Market and nearby areas late last night while firing continued in Naya Abad, Moosa Lane, ICI Bridge and Kharadar areas.

The miscreants also used rockets and bombs in the clashes, witnesses told.

Police said a miscreants belonging to a political group and a banned organization are involved in the violence.

Meanwhile, police and Rangers in their joint action claimed having arrested at least nine suspected criminals from Patel Para area.