Lollywood actress Laila arrested and freed in Multan

MULTAN: Lollywood actress Laila was arrested on Thursday over charges of fraudulent financial transaction.

The actress was arrested after a producer Sheikh Naeem lodged a complaint with Cantt Police Station that Laila gave him a 220000 cheuque, which was dishonored. The application stated that the actress had borrowed the money from Sheikh.

Police conducted a raid a local hotel and arrested Laila. The police said that she would be presented before a local court.

Talking to media, Laila said that she would avenge what she said her humiliation caused by the arrest. She said that she had settled the issue with the producer but he got him arrested when she came to perform in Multan.

The producer was also present at the police station and may even give in writing that the matter has been resolved.

Laila maintains her innocence and said “Truth will be victorious and these people will have to answer to God.”

Laila, howver, was later freed after both the parties agreed to resolve the dispute.

SHO Cantt police station said that as both the parties have agreed to resolve the dispute amicably, the case against Laila would be proceeded further.